Welcome to Keepin It Feels Therapy Blog!


This little bad boy sits on my desk at work. When I saw it, I really didn't have any room and wasn't looking to add anything to my office, but I made room because it is me, unequivocally me. I created this blog as a play off of Keepin It Real which is something I live by both in my personal life and in my counseling practice. I believe in open, honest communication and strive to keep it real! When I decided to create this blog, I debated about whether or not to be strictly professional, but that just isn't consistent with who I am both as a person and a therapist. Don't get me wrong, I think I am plenty professional, but I want to be passionate about my blog, so Keepin It Feels seemed like the best way to accomplish this goal. I will post about therapy related topics that hopefully are important and helpful to you, but still keep it consistent with my style which is pretty straightforward and practical. Additionally, I am a big fan of humor, so hopefully you find some of that on here too! Laughter really can be one of the best types of medicine, or at least quite helpful when we are feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed!