teen counseling

Is your teen struggling with anxiety or dealing with something and wants to talk to someone? The teen years include a lot of change and can include emotional turmoil. Teens are in the process of figuring out who they are and oftentimes pretty private about what is going on with them. They frequently turn to friends rather than parents for advice. Teens have a lot of things to deal with like friends, peer pressure, grades, and college. Having the opportunity to talk to a therapist can often provide teens a safe place to work through whatever they are dealing with and get back on track.

One of my specialties is working with teens. I provide a safe place where teens are able to open up and work through whatever is bothering them. Parent involvement with teens can sometimes be tricky. Most teens do not want their parents involved in therapy, however, parent input about their observations and concerns is helpful. If situations arise where I believe it is in the teen’s best interest for parent involvement, I will work with the teen to help facilitate a family session(s).